Sacred Majesty

by Sex Chamber



Recorded February 2015. Digital and limited edition cassette release


released 13 February 2015

The Sacred Majesty tour tape was recorded, mixed and mastered by Phillip Odom at Bad Wolf Recordings in Austin, TX. Shout out to our good friend Zach Taylor from Triple Crown Tattoo Parlour for always hooking it up with amazing artwork for all of our releases and tattoos.



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Track Name: Need I Suffer
smoke calls under moonlit twilight
it commands during light of day
of such longing is the like of which i crave
flesh bound
sober temple of ruin
my need to escape
need i suffer
Track Name: Sacred Majesty
sacred majesty
of deep green cloud
your intoxication rings true
and beckons me
to consume
there are gates locked away within my mind
shrouded by leaf
tangled with vine
magic smoke
becomes a key
to the cosmos
a conjured darkness
is my third eye
as it peers out in to infinity
Track Name: Dwell Within
serpent mistress
how do you haunt my dreams
sheltered by godly trance
and mystic leaf
give unto me
altered consciousness
leave me not
in this mortal coma
release my blood
that does dwell within
conjure the flesh
that hides beneath skin
a true vision of primal instinct